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Getting The Most Out Of Game Notes


My wife thinks I’m awesome. I don’t say that in, like…some Facebook/face-to-the-public way. I mean, that’s actually how she acts, all the time. She’s incredibly supportive; incredibly encouraging; and incredibly laid-back. When I have crazy-big (or just plain crazy) ideas — like what I want to accomplish in my fiction writing*, or like what I knew I could build with this site — she jumps on board without blinking and hangs on for the ride.

That’s awesome. It really, truly is. And this summer I realized just how powerful it is to have someone who trusts you to be awesome — who gives you permission to take control of your life and turn it into exactly what you want it to be.

I think about that every once in a while and wish that everyone felt that way, in all areas of their life; and while that’s something I have learned from her and try to bring to my interactions with others, I also love that this site is able to do the same thing for readers of the NFL Edge.

So often, daily fantasy sports content providers treat their readers like morons, glossing over the fact that the only thing that separates them from their readers is that they have learned to trust their interpretations of the quality research of others. Most professional DFS players are pouring 90% of their energy into MLB and NBA play throughout much of the NFL season, and the majority of their NFL knowledge comes from reading the same research and content that you have access to yourself. The biggest difference is that they have confidence in their ability to interpret this information, and most of their readers do not.

This is what I love about the Game Notes function on this site. Sure, it’s awesome to track and organize your thoughts; but even more than that, the Game Notes provide an immediate vote of confidence in YOU.

One of my favorite moments during my time in DFS was the Milly Maker win of CubsFan333…because this guy — who has 20 live final appearances and double-digit $100k wins to go with his $1.4 million weekend — does almost no research of his own. Most weeks during football season, this is what he does:

1) He reads the NFL Edge at least twice.

2) He listens to my podcasts and a few other podcasts.

3) He revisits different pieces of the Edge as he builds his rosters.

That’s it.

This is a guy who works a full-time job that he loves, who has a wife and two kids he enjoys spending time with, and who has made literally millions of dollars trusting his ability to interpret the quality research of someone else. (If you want to learn more about how CubsFan333 landed his Milly Maker win, this article will provide you with some awesome ideas moving forward — ideas that even smaller-bankroll players can apply to lower-dollar tournaments in an effort to take home a sizable prize.)

As you access your Game Notes each week, trust yourself. Trust your interpretations of the information put before you, and since you probably have more time for this than CubsFan333, see what additional research and information you can add. Most importantly: Be willing to disagree with my interpretations of the information in spots! Don’t worry so much about what others are saying about the week, and be willing to think for yourself. Give yourself authority to trust that you just might be awesome at this — and watch your bankroll grow.

(Go here to see how I use Game Notes myself.)


*For those of you who are new to my writing: I work two jobs. August through the end of January, I put in close to 70 hours most weeks watching game film and reading beat writers and studying coverage schemes and coaches and getting to know the NFL more deeply, and creating content for the site that puts all of my research and knowledge into place for you, and then I build my own rosters for the weekend (and I truly enjoy every minute…well, 90% of the minutes); but from February through the end of July, my phone generally remains on airplane mode for north of 20 hours each day, and I put in close to 60 hours a week reading, and studying language, and studying the art of writing as I work on my second novel. I imagine I won’t be finished writing this novel until the mid-2020s, but I am expecting that it will be awesome.

My wife expects it will be awesome, too.


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