Thursday, Sep 7th
Monday, Sep 11th

Falcons @ Panthers

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: Xandamere


The way this game is likeliest to play out is a relatively low-scoring, slow affair, but keep in mind, these teams just played to a 37-34 outcome two weeks ago so anything’s possible. I’d expect ownership to end up more concentrated on the Panthers because they’re likely to throw more and also have a more predictable distribution of volume, so it’s likely that getting the Falcons right will be the key to this Showdown. I think the smart way to attack this one is a fairly narrow core of plays in which you feel a high degree of confidence (or are just willing to embrace the risk on), and then mix and match the more uncertain plays around. To be fair, this is the best way to attack most slates, but it feels especially true in this one!

Cash Games

Cash games are weird in this one due to Patterson being so clearly overpriced and the QB uncertainty on the Falcons. My player pool is going to be Mariota, Moore, the kickers, Chuba (or Foreman if we get news he starts), and then Patterson is a luxury play if I have the salary but I don’t view him as a necessity at all. 


In tournaments, Moore is my favorite captain, followed by Patterson (if he comes in at low ownership), then Chuba/Foreman, then Pitts. 

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