Thursday, Sep 21st

Draft Uncomfortable

By :: Larejo123

How do you win at Best Ball 2022? No, seriously can you tell me? The prize pools on Underdog and DraftKings are beyond massive, the entry fees are super low, and it just feels like both sites want to take our money. But how can we compete with a half million or more entries without just getting flat-out lucky? Well, I hate to be the one who says it but I think we’re all going to continue to be searching for the answer in cracking the Best Ball code into next season.

What we can do, as many wise adults will say, is focus on controlling what we can control: our own behaviors. Best Ball is such a nascent industry and format that we really don’t have enough signaling data to derive advice from. Sure, we can take the winners from the mega tournaments last year and glean some insights (more on that below) but it’s still a small sample. And with so much riding on how we conduct the draft (literally everything), even the players who fall to us or don’t fall to us only represent just a few variables in this equation. We have to try to consider how the other managers are drafting, which is impossible to predict. We have to try to consider which players may get injured, which is impossible to predict. We also have to try to consider the best playoff matchups in Weeks 15-17. It is difficult to project which teams will be in the playoff hunt and which will not. Difficult, not impossible . . . hey, that’s progress but drafting Best Ball rosters is still as uncomfortable as can be.

Maybe I can offer you some hope here. Don’t take this too seriously. Keep your bankroll in check. And get as frisky as you would if you were bottling up 17 weeks of NFL DFS energy into one Best Ball draft window. If we’re going down this season, we’ll go down swinging. Let’s talk about some methods of inspiration to take us down the paths less traveled. 

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