Thursday, Sep 5th
Monday, Sep 9th

DFS Tournament Mastermind Training

A Note From JM ::

I’ve been in this industry for seven years now.

I have literally (without hyperbole) never seen work on the level of this course. (Like…I’m about to be out of a job.)

I would pay over a thousand dollars for what Sonic has packed into this course. (If you were paying for training directly, it would cost a lot more than that.)

But we’re wasting time:

Because the first four lessons are free. And you’ll see what I mean the moment you begin to read them.

No one has put more attention-to-detail into their craft as a DFS player than Sonic; and he pours that same level of energy, care, and attentiveness into this course.

Even just reading the free lessons will get you more information than you could get for this money anywhere else.

The best thing you’ll do today is READ THE FIRST FOUR LESSONS

Sonic’s Tournament Mastermind Course is ONLY $79

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