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Bye Week:

Deeper Correlations

How To Use This Sheet

This sheet shows “correlations to your correlations.” So for example, let’s take the first team listed (Arizona). If you are focusing on Arizona pieces throughout your roster, you may also be looking to grab some Atlanta pieces for the Arizona/Atlanta Week 17 matchup. But what about the other playoff weeks?

As you’ll see in this cheat sheet, Arizona plays Tampa in Week 16 and Denver in Week 15. If you’re able to scoop Tampa and Denver pieces, this correlates well to your Arizona pieces.

But even further, you can see in this sheet (on the Arizona row) that Tampa plays Carolina in Week 17, and Denver plays Kansas City. In other words: an Arizona stack with pieces from Atlanta/Tampa/Denver/Carolina/KC correlates extremely well throughout the playoffs, and while this is relatively obvious, it’s also a second/third layer most of your competition will not be thinking all the way down to.

If you’re selecting a primary stack for your roster, use this sheet to understand the teams from which you can select deeper correlations.

Courtesy of Majesstik1