Thursday, Sep 28th

Cowboys @ Titans

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: xandamere


The way this game is likeliest to play out is for the Titans offense to really struggle while the Cowboys dominate. As noted earlier, my best guess is that Dallas comes out of the gate pass-heavier than usual to take advantage of the matchup, and then slows things down as they build a lead. But of course, there are other ways the game could play out.

Potential Scenarios
  • What if Malik Willis has a good game in the air? It’s certainly possible, and rosters with Willis plus two pass catchers are likely to be very uncommon (even I wouldn’t want to stretch it beyond two, though).
  • What if the Titans defense holds up? Derrick Henry captain with the Titans D (and then Lamb, because the Titans playing from ahead should mean a lot more volume heading his way) is likely to be a low-owned approach on this slate.
  • Bear with me because this one is gross, but what if the Dallas touchdowns all come on the ground? The matchup clearly leans to the pass, but there are still broken plays, and turnovers leading to short fields, DPI calls in the end zone, etc. that can lead to Zeke and/or Pollard being the optimal captain.
Cash Games

In cash games, my player pool consists of the quarterbacks (Willis is SO cheap for a QB in Showdown), Lamb, Henry, the kickers, and then if I’m in the mid-tier of salary for my last piece, I’m totally happy with someone like Schultz or Brown. Unless we get news of resting or unexpected injury news, I really don’t feel confident with any of the sub-kicker plays in cash. 


In tournaments, I expect Lamb is going to be the highest owned captain (or Dak) and that is totally fair, but I also want to be overweight on Henry, Pollard, and the rest of the Dallas receiving corps. 


Henry has been listed as doubtful so we can safely assume he’s out. Jonathan Ward was elevated from the practice squad so their RBs for the game will be Haskins, Chestnut, and Ward. I think what we’re likely to see is some kind of split between Haskins and Chestnut with Ward as the reserve, but I don’t know what that split will look like. Frankly, not much would surprise me here. Haskins is the safe choice as the primary RB since he’s been on the team and has had backup work for Henry this season, but if the Titans are just mailing in this game, maybe they view Haskins as Henry’s backup and would prefer to save him as well.

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