Thursday, Sep 21st

Commanders @ Eagles

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: Xandamere


The way this game is likeliest to play out is for Philly to dominate from start to finish. It’s possible that Philly tries to start this game with their normal run-focused offense and struggles early, allowing Washington to stay in it and then switching to a more pass-focused game plan later on, but that’s really the only way outside of weird turnovers that I can see the Commanders keeping this close. My personal perspective is that the “best” way to play this is around a core group of the Eagles passing game and Gibson, mixing and matching other plays, but there are of course other ways the game could play out.

Potential Scenarios
  • Bear with me here . . . what if Washington wins? Vegas odds give them about a 1-in-6 chance of pulling off an upset. Do you think 1 in 6 rosters will be built around a Commanders victory? I didn’t think so.
  • Obviously, 5-1 Philly onslaughts are in play here.
Cash Games

In cash games, my player pool consists of Hurts, Heinicke, Gibson, the kickers, and then I’m perfectly happy playing any of the main three Philly pass catchers. If I need to dip down below the kickers for value, Thomas or Pascal are the ones I can most reasonably stomach. 


In tournaments, my favorite captains are Brown, Smith, Goedert, Gibson, and Hurts himself in that order.

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