Thursday, Sep 5th
Monday, Sep 9th

Chargers @ Colts

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: xandamere


The way I see this game as likeliest to play out is for the Chargers to take control and the Colts to have to play catch-up at some point. The spread feels narrower than it should, but then again, the Chargers have made a habit of underperforming their level of talent for years now. How else could this play out?

Potential Scenarios
  • Well, the Chargers could once more underperform their level of talent and fall on their face in a road game against a fairly good defense. Who’s building Colts onslaughts here? That’s right, nobody.
  • The salary structure of this one is going to lend itself to stars and scrubs builds with four expensive Chargers who people are going to want to play. A very simple way to be different is to just not go that route – you could fade all the expensive studs, or you could just play one and then avoid going down to any play below the kickers.
Cash Games

In cash games, my player pool consists of Herbert, Ryan, Ekeler, Moss, the kickers, Parham, and then depending on where salary ends up, I’d be fine landing on Allen or Pittman if using Parham allows me to. With Granson out, Woods enters cash game consideration for me as well. 


In tournaments, I expect the three primary Chargers (Ekeler, Allen, Williams) to be the highest owned captains, and deservedly so. I’ll try to lean differently by being overweight on Moss (and Jackson!), Palmer, and Pittman. 

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