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Cancel OWS: IC 2022

Why You Should Cancel Your OWS Annual NFL Subscription ::

<< Short Answer :: Inner Circle >>

In 2021, we launched OWS Inner Circle…

…replacing the expensive one-on-one DFS coaching model (up to $125 an hour) with a WEEKLY classroom setup that followed the same general structure you would follow with a one-on-one coach:

Tuesdays ::

Big-picture DFS training with JM

Saturdays ::

Slate-specific prep, strategy, and training with Hilow & Xandamere

+ The Oracle ::

As a Year One bonus, we also launched The Oracle (detailed below)

In 2022, we’re taking Inner Circle to the next level!

2022 Additions ::
  • Quarterly workshops (with niche focuses, for players who focus on specific DFS areas :: large-field, small-field, single-entry, cash games, etc.!)
  • Weekly short-slate (afternoon-only!) content
  • Weekly Sunday morning updates and strategy notes
  • Expanded ownership projections (with strategy notes!)


In The Oracle, we decapitate the old “cheat sheet” // “picks” model by providing members with a cheat-sheet-style delivery that focuses on the core strategy angles for that week’s slate. You’ll be able to find thoughts from Sonic, Xandamere, Hilow, Larejo, Mike, JM, and more in The Oracle each week!

Inner Circle members also get 30% off ALL Marketplace items, ALL the time!

Inner Circle ::
50+ hour of Classroom Training & Slate Prep throughout the season, + The Oracle every week + A ridiculous set of 2022 additions

Pricing Breakdown

The new-member price for Inner Circle in 2022 will be $229 (includes everything in OWS Annual)


If You’re A Current OWS Annual Member, You Can Still bundle your OWS Annual and OWS Inner Circle memberships at a steep discount!

Expires “Sometime before the season kicks off”!

take advantage of the special, bundle price, in 3 steps ::

1. Buy Inner Circle

Buy Inner Circle below.

2. Apply Coupon Code

If you joined OWS in 2019 or later, use coupon code INNERCIRCLE50. This will make the COMBINED price of Inner Circle + OWS Annual only $149!!!

Your coupon code will be automatically applied each year, allowing you to lock in this Early Bird price for life!!!

3. Cancel (“Pause”) your old OWS Annual membership

Cancel (“Pause”) your old OWS Annual membership on your profile page (click “Membership & Courses” on the left sidebar, then select “Pause Renewal”); this will switch you fully to the Inner Circle bundle!

4. Add your OWS account to your Discord account

  1. Go to the Account Info page on your OWS profile
  2. Scroll down to the “Connect With Discord” button
  3. Click that button, then click “Authorize”

That’s it! If you’re logged into Discord on the device you’re using, this authorization will link your OWS membership to your Discord account, giving you access to Inner Circle (and any special channels you should have access to) when the season gets underway.


If your 2022 Annual membership renews before you make your purchase, email us at, let us know you purchased Inner Circle and would like your Annual charge refunded, and we’ll take care of that right away! (You can find your renewal date on your profile page, in the Membership Status box.)

If you dip your toes into Inner Circle this year and find it isn’t for you, you can ALWAYS return to your original entry price for OWS Annual!

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