Thursday, Sep 21st

Bottom-Up Breakdown. 4.21.

Dwprix breaks down the top lineups in the OWS Bottom-Up Build challenge.

Week 3 Review

Each week I will review the Bottom-Up Build contest, looking at how the winner got to the top of the leaderboard. The purpose of the Bottom-Up Build is to put players in that you would feel comfortable rostering in a regular contest (price considered floor and high ceiling) so that when you’re building for these other contests, you’re not struggling with the last couple spots and jamming someone in that you are uncomfortable with.


Rules :: Max $44k Salary (exceeding $44k salary will disqualify entry); must use OWS avatar to be eligible for prizes
Total Entries :: 200 (147 eligible since 53 went over salary, didn’t use an OWS avatar, or didn’t enter a lineup)
Prizes (Edge Points) :: 1st = 100 Edge // 2nd = 50 // 3rd = 25
Highest Owned Player :: Kyle Pitts – 43%
See All The Entries :: Contest Link


1ST: Swench1919

2ND: Pjfrap

3RD: Mattcm9


The winner, Swench1919, paid up for Josh Allen (2.5%) and stacked him with mid-priced WR Emmanuel Sanders (6.0%). They chose not to run it back, instead using two Viking WRs with no other correlations. This $43.9k lineup would’ve been good enough to cash most double-ups.

Pjfrap’s second-place lineup was a much different construction than Swench1919’s first place.  Pjfrap used a double-stack of Matthew Stafford with Van Jefferson Jr. and Tyler Higbee, running it back with Chris Godwin. He also incorporated two different game correlations of Chris Carson / K.J. Osborn from the SEA / MIN game (3rd highest total) and Clyde-Edwards Helaire / Keenan Allen from the LAC / KC game (2nd highest total). The double stack and run back were from the game with the highest total on the slate. Both RBs (Carson and Helaire) were favorites and each were paired with the WR on the opposing team. Pjfrap expected the RB favorites to have more rushing volume and the dog WRs to get more pass volume. Even though both favorites lost, the totals of these games were high enough that the game flow didn’t have to be perfect for the RBs to still be successful. This was excellent roster construction especially for a smaller field GPP.

Third place finisher Mattcm9’s lineup consisted of a double-stack of Stafford with Robert Woods and Higbee, and a Leonard Fournette run-back. He stacked the team expected to be trailing and ran it back with an RB from the team likely to be ahead.  

Putting It Together

This was the second week in a row the winner of the Bottom-Up contest paid up at the QB position. Last week, the winner paid up for Kyler Murray ($8.2k, second-highest priced QB) and this week, Josh Allen ($7k, 5th highest priced QB). Of the 147 eligible entrants, only three rostered Josh Allen; of these three, Swench1919 was the only one to stack Allen and Sanders.  

I’ve had three losing weeks in a row but I feel like my process is sharpening and I’ve felt more confident going into each slate. The good news is we still have 18 more weeks of quality slates left which means plenty of time to get it back. In NFL DFS, it can take just one slate to make your season. 

Week 4 :: Bottom-Up Tourney

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  1. Must be using an OWS Avatar to be eligible to win. This can be found on your profile page, or at the top of this week’s NFL Edge!
  2. Single Entry
  3. Max $44k Salary (exceeding $44k will automatically disqualify your entry)
  4. Prizes (Edge Points) :: 1st = 100 / 2nd = 50 // 3rd = 25
  5. Winners please email with your DK Screenname