Thursday, Sep 5th
Monday, Sep 9th

Betting Bonus(!) :: CT

One Week Season is partnered exclusively with SugarHouse in the state of Connecticut!

In order to take advantage of our partnership with SugarHouse (including a $250 deposit match!), sign up for SugarHouse through our partner link (use promo code: OWS), then email us with the subject line “Connecticut Deposit Bonus.” (To make things as easy as possible, email from the same address you use for your SugarHouse sign-up. If this email address is different from your OWS email address, please let us know the email address associated with your OWS account!) Within 24 hours, we’ll add 100 Edge Points to your OWS account!

If you want to know when we have additional sites live in Connecticut

  1. Email Us!
  2. Use the Subject Line “Betting Update”
  3. Put the word “Connecticut” in the body of the email

We’ll let you know as soon as we’re live with additional sites in Connecticut!