Thursday, Nov 30th
Bye Week:

Becoming a Winning DFS Player

I met TodfromPA in NYC in 2015, where he was attending the RotoGrinders DFS Players Conference, and I had the pleasure of hanging out with him again in Boston in 2016 at one of the DFS Bootcamp events.

Tod is a strong Best Ball player who struggled for years to find success in DFS – a struggle that he has conquered in 2018, with a scorching hot start through the first half of the NFL season. He offered to contribute a podcast covering the changes he has made in his play, and the way he incorporates A) his Best Ball strengths, and B) his DFS research (including the items on One Week Season).

This is an awesome podcast, with excellent thoughts for DFS players at all stages of their journey. Well worth the 27 minute listen!

Tod answers a few questions and talks through a few additional items on this followup pod, below: