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Best Ball Plus

Welcome to the 2024 NFL (draft) Season!

  • Best Ball is dynamic
  • News is fluid
  • Strategy shifts from week to week

This is the backbone on which our 2024 Best Ball product is built

Do we focus heavily on “telling you who to draft”?

Uh…no. Why would we do that?

Do we focus heavily on the evolving strategies of 2024 Best Ball by keeping you at the front of the pack?

Yeah. That’s what we’ll be doing all summer.

  • Team previews
  • Divisional previews
  • Positional tiers (updated regularly)
  • Storyboard articles
  • And more

Do We podcast?

  • Mondays: News/Reaction Pod
  • Tuesdays: Main Theory Podcast, DK/Drafters-focused, with Mike Johnson
  • Wednesdays: Main Theory Podcast, Underdog-focused, with Hilow
  • Thursdays: Game Theory Fundamentals, with Hilow
  • Fridays: Theory Podcast, with special guests

BECAUSE THIS IS OWS…these podcasts are the equivalent of “daily coaching/training,” effectively giving you 60 to 90 hours of hands-on Best Ball prep and training — in easily-digestible daily bites — from some of the sharpest minds in the industry.

If you’ve spent time in the Best Ball streets:

You know how important it is to position your thoughts on the cutting edge in this rapidly-evolving game. We’re here to do that work for you, and to prepare you for a fun, successful, “three-steps-ahead-of-the-rest” Best Ball Summer.

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