Thursday, Sep 28th

Angles 9.22

Happy Thursday!

New members: Every Thursday morning, we send out the Angles email — in which we take a critical, “overview” look at the slate ahead.

In This Week’s Angles Email:

1. A couple critical announcements

2. Week 9 Slate

Critical Announcement 1a:

The Good News: we’re up an astounding 35+ units in our Props Insider packages.

The Bad News: success leads to growth, and too much growth can be a bad thing for subscribers — with unwanted attention from sportsbooks following.

With that in mind, we have decided to A) combine our NFL and NBA props packages for the 2023/2024 seasons, and to B) limit the number of subscribers we’ll be accepting.

If you want to lock in your spot for the 2023/2024 season early, you can grab a special discounted price here.

Critical Announcement 1b:

In order to put a bit of a check on 2022 growth, we’re going to be bumping up the (apparently WAY too-low) price on 2022/2023 NBA Props Insider, from $299 to $499.

We wanted to give the OWS Fam a few days to still pick up Props Insider at the original, lower price, so we’ll be putting this price bump into effect on Tuesday, 11/8. If you’ve been on the fence about NBA Props Insider (pro tip: we’re approaching $3k in profit, through the first two weeks of the season!), this is a great time to jump in.

The Lay Of The Land ::

Week: 9

Total Main Slate Games: 10

Slate Overview:

Every week lately, the Binks channel on OWS Discord has seen a steady flow of OWS users posting big finishes, in spite of pretty much NONE of these weeks having “a totally clear edge” available on them. The edge, instead, has been that each week lately has been uniquely different from the weeks around them, allowing “nimble” DFS players to find small ways each week to maximize EV, and creating a situation in which a community of “nimble” DFS players (i.e., the OWS Fam) is always producing members who are hanging out near the tops of the leaderboards. And here we are again — Week 9 — with another uniquely different slate.

The “story of the slate” last week was that you probably needed to A) nail the best options from the large pool of sharp running back plays, and to B) nail the potential “one game” that could significantly outscore all the others.

The “story of the slate” this week will take more complete shape as we approach the weekend, but we can already start identifying a few elements, at this point in the week, that will create unique aspects for us to play around with.

Same as last week, we are missing both Mark Andrews and Travis Kelce (Zach Ertz is the highest-priced tight end on both DraftKings and FanDuel, for goodness sake, with nine total targets across his last two games), and same as last week, we are missing many of the quarterbacks who are typically battling for our attention at the top of the price range, with Jalen Hurts playing on Thursday night, Patrick Mahomes playing on Sunday night, Lamar Jackson playing on Monday night, and Russell Wilson on bye (*jokes*).

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