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Angles 7.22

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Week 7 Slate

Wow! ::

NFL Props Profit:

NBA Props Profit:

The early returns from NBA ($1,230 profit through two days — 4x the $299 price tag on Props Insider!) are a reminder of how powerful a package like this can be for a “daily” sport.

If you’re like me, you may not even follow the NBA…

If you’re like me, that really shouldn’t matter to you.

Not every day will be as hot as Days 1 & 2 of NBA (NFL started with a couple of slightly down weeks before the profit started rolling in, and there will obviously be days like that during NBA), but props are very +EV when approached correctly; and Props Insider puts you in position to approach things correctly.

Translation: don’t expect me to stop hammering this throughout the remainder of the season!

These numbers will continue to grow.

*Profit is calculated by assuming recommended units on recommended bets (duh)

The Lay Of The Land ::

Week: 7

Total Main Slate Games: 11

Slate Overview:

While there are six teams playing in Island Games and four teams on bye (giving us 10 teams missing from the Main Slate in all), we are missing only two of the top nine offenses in “points per game” :: the Bills (second), and the Eagles (fourth).

The seven offenses in the “top nine” who are playing on this slate? ::


While we can look at that list — heading into the seventh week of the season — and nod our heads along with it (“Yup, I get that this team is in the top nine in points per game…”), the implied team totals on this slate throw a handful of curveballs at us (or…that is to say, the implied team totals on some of these teams play closer to the public’s perceptions than to the reality of what these teams have done through the first 33% of the season).

Here is that list again, with implied team totals attached:

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