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Angles 6.22

Happy Thursday!

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In This Week’s Angles Email:

1. Props Update

2. NBA Props(!)

3. Week 6 Slate

NFL Props Update


Rest-of-season NFL Props Insider:

The Math:
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NBA Props

NFL Props are great.
NBA Props are better…

You get a much larger sample size with NBA props, which means your profit piles up more quickly. This is where the real money is made.

“Do I need to follow the NBA in order to make profitable prop bets?”

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The Lay Of The Land ::

Week: 6

Total Main Slate Games: 11

Slate Overview:

We’ve made it!

It’s here!

The rematch of one of the greatest games of our lifetimes (regardless of when you were born) :: 13 seconds || Bills // Chiefs || 36-42.

Last January, I rewatched that game twice, and I rewatched the last several minutes of that game an additional five or six times. I’ve had this weekend loosely circled since the NFL schedule was released, but it wasn’t until Monday — when I began getting my feet under me for this week’s slate — that I realized this contest would be featured on the Main Slate.

We regularly talk about the idea of “being aware of the games you have to account for” — the games that have a relatively high probability of producing one, or two, or several tourney-winning scores — and we could say with a high degree of certainty, without even looking at the other games on this slate, that “Bills at Chiefs” is a game we have to account for.

But in addition to this game being “obviously one we would have to account for” on any slate it might fall on, this particular slate gives us the following:

Bills // Chiefs with an Over/Under of 54.0
Cardinals // Seahawks with an Over/Under of 51.0
Jets // Packers with an Over/Under of 46.0
Vikings // Dolphins with an Over/Under of 45.5
Ravens // Giants with an Over/Under of 45.0
49ers // Falcons with an Over/Under of 44.5
Five other games with Over/Unders of 43.5 or lower

Holy my goodness.

Holy chalk.

How heavy will the field be on this Bills // Chiefs game???

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