Thursday, Dec 8th
Bye Week:

49ers @ Cardinals

DFS Showdown Strategy

By: xandamere


The likeliest path for this game is for San Francisco to control it throughout. The 49ers offense is so consistent and their run-blocking is so good that it’s extremely hard for me to see them get shut down here (that said, with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm, anything is possible). The only other two viable paths I really see here are . . . 

Potential Scenarios
  • Arizona gets on the board early and ends up putting up more of a fight (or even upsetting San Francisco). Maybe that’s through turnovers, maybe a broken play or two, or maybe the Cards offense just clicks in a way we haven’t really seen this season. In that case, we can expect San Francisco to tilt more pass heavy, which would favor Deebo/Kittle/Aiyuk at the expense of CMC/Mitchell (yes, CMC has an awesome receiving role and he’d still be a viable play in this scenario but at his price, it would be tough for him to get there almost entirely on receiving). 
  • Arizona just flops, which is of course more likely if Kyler and/or DHop miss. 49ers onslaughts are entirely viable here.
Cash Games

In cash games, my player pool consists of the quarterbacks, CMC, Mitchell, the kickers, and frankly, I don’t really love any of the sub-kicker plays in cash games. I would very much prefer to stay at or above the kickers. I suppose if I loved everything else about my cash lineup I could stomach Ingram, but would rather not. 


In tournaments, the clear best captain choice is CMC (duh), but the guys I want to be sure I’m overweight on are Deebo, Kittle, Mitchell, and Conn

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