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Monday, Sep 9th

2022 Team-By-Team Primer

By :: Hilow

The National Football League sees some of the highest year-to-year personnel and coaching turnover of all major American professional sports. Whether the underlying cause be tied to the shifting salary cap, heightened injury rates, physical demands, or simply a target audience thirsty for instant gratification, we’re left to analyze a game (and its pieces) that can look extremely different than the preceding year(s). Thus, in order to place ourselves in the most optimal position to make the highest expected value decisions in our fantasy endeavors, it makes sense that we should start the off-season process by taking a look at the changing dynamics of the league itself. And so here we are, set to embark on a journey around the league, dissecting each team’s changes and new identities along the way.

If you’re new to One Week Season (OWS), it will help a bit to understand the “why behind the how” of what we do. Our goal is to train each and every one of you to make better decisions, to consume information and formulate your own game plan, to change the way you view different aspects of the game of fantasy sports, and to teach the higher-level theory surrounding these games we all hold so dear. You’ll see hints of those ideologies in this piece as I present the information to you in an unbiased manner and then explore my conclusions, allowing you to do the same for each conference, division, and team. For those familiar with OWS, it should look a lot like how we present information during the season through the NFL Edge writeups.