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“Research Tools”
“Strategy Guides”
“The Nuances of Each Day”

These are some phrases that stood out to me on the sales page for the DailyRoto NBA package. If those ideas look familiar: they should. While most DFS players (and most content providers) under-emphasize elements like process, research, strategy, and nuance, these are ideas that we have been hammering on One Week Season all year long. And when it comes down to it, those of you who play NBA deserve a site that will allow you to keep building these thoughts and rhythms — the thoughts and rhythms that lead to permanent and consistent DFS profit over time.

If you are playing NBA DFS this year (I know a lot of you are), I want to strongly, strongly encourage you to take a look at DailyRoto. The price tag is not cheap; but if you are playing more than two or three days a week, it will absolutely be worth it for the boost it will give to your bankroll.

In the same way I strive to open my mind to you each week of the NFL season, DailyRoto does an incredible job of opening up the minds of two of the sharpest and most successful NBA DFS players in existence: Drew Dinkmeyer (“Dinkpiece”) and Michael Leone (“2Hats1Mike”), putting you in position to research alongside these guys, and to isolate each day of the NBA season in the same in-depth manner we isolate each slate during NFL. These guys do an awesome job uncovering the finer points — the nuances — that make each individual slate unique, while unmasking the strategy that will be most effective for turning profit on that day.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll have access to on DR:

  • Premium Podcast (with timestamped markers to make it easy to find the info you want!)
  • DFS-oriented research tools (these are seriously awesome)
  • Subscriber chat (as you lament the lack of this on OWS…)
  • Strategy guides (dropped onto the site throughout the season; sound familiar?)
  • Customizable projections and value rankings — alongside an NBA optimizer that will allow you to access everything you need for building NBA lineups, direct from the site, with no need for an additional subscription for an optimizer

And most importantly of all:

Late Swap is back this year in NBA — and DailyRoto has you covered with alerts and updated projections. Late news is the toughest thing to master in NBA — and successfully mastering late news in late-swap situations is the clearest edge available in this sport. This is a huge bonus for subscribers on DailyRoto.

With the continual flow of information in NBA, it is pretty much required that you carry a subscription in order to make a run at a nicely profitable season. And if you are going to carry a subscription, shouldn’t you carry the best?

Let’s get it!!!

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