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With a deep-dive approach that accounts for advanced analytics, coaching tendencies, matchups, and scheme-level analysis, you’ll find angles each week that others aren’t finding.

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Research legend JMToWin dives into every game on the Sunday “Main Slate,” uncovering what is likeliest to happen (and what else might happen from there).

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The Best “Island Game” Analysis

Prop-Betting Whiz Xandamere dives into TNF, SNF, and MNF each week to find the edges available in prop betting and DFS Showdown play.

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Thanks @JMToWin for the great season. Almost had 17 straight weeks of cashing had Mahomes/Kelce shovel pass worked today. 2018 pays for family vacation. 2019 we need a new kitchen.
@Christensen_EC December 20, 2018
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We put the NFL universe in your hands, making us a preferred destination for bettors, fantasy professionals, and hardcore NFL fans.

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We’ll guide you toward the angles others aren’t finding, so you can make better decisions — and more money.

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Our team has combined for millions in net profits through sports betting and daily fantasy football over the last four years.

This isn’t exactly a secret, but @JMToWin is an exceptional writer. Not only great analysis but great writing! I would read his stuff even if I didn’t play DFS.
@G_HoganKrause May 14, 2020
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Vegas oddsmakers, professional sports bettors, and the biggest names in daily fantasy football.

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@JMToWin’s followers on Twitter include everyone from ESPN fantasy analyst Matthew Berry to Jets Ring of Honor member Wayne Chrebet.

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